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Market Outlook

CBRE Market Outlook reports provide market predictions and insights on the key trends that will affect the property industry (economy, office, retail, logistics and capital markets).

Investor and Occupier Intentions

There are many criteria to consider when investing in commercial real estate. The best way to develop effective real estate strategies is to be aware of the demand and supply. Read our investor and occupier surveys.


It is important to understand how technology will impact the real estate industry and more. Read more about CBRE's WORK_IT: Technology | Workplace | Jobs series.

Coworking and Flexible Space

The workplace in Asia Pacific is maturing, particularly as coworking and flexible spaces become more mainstream. Demand for coworking space has been driven by the need for flexible and collaborative workplace solutions.

Data Center

The data center industry is an attractive real estate investment because of the technology boom and huge amount of data available. Data Center Market is promising and now demonstrating a tremendous growth in Asia Pacific.

Food and Beverage

Learn about the biggest opportunities in the F&B industry; be aware of F&B statistics and trends in Asia Pacific.

Property Valuation

Key real estate trends that impacts the market value of commercial properties.

시장 동향

주요 아시아 태평양 지역 리테일,오피스, 호텔, 투자 및 데이터 센터 등 상업용 부동산 동향 제공

최신 부동산 시장 전망

CBRE는 분기 별 감사 및 아시아 태평양 지역의 상업용 부동산 주요 개발 요소에 대한 분석을 제공합니다

Asia Pacific Fit-out Cost Guide

2019/2020 Edition

Asia Pacific Research Archives

Find the other research reports in the Asia Pacific region.

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