Corporate Responsibility

Health, Safety & Environment

We integrate wellbeing into every business decision and set global standards and policies, cultivate senior leadership who establish a strong tone and ensure accountability, continually improve our safety outcomes.


CBRE is committed to excellence in all that we do it through the sustainable development in high standard of Health, Safety and Environment.  We strive for Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) in the workplace and to protect all employees, clients, service partners, all general public and to fulfill the social & corporate responsibility including HSE. We shall fully comply with the following policies.

CBRE Commitment to Health, Safety & Environment

  1. HSE objectives commitment


    We are committed to achieving its HSE objectives and complying with HSE management system, HSE policy and applicable legal obligations and other requirements for its business. 
  2. RISE Value


    We place HSE principle as a top priority in management system and applied it to all work process to achieve Zero Accident and create the advanced HSE culture through the RISE values of Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence.
  3. HSE Awareness Promotion

    We are committed to identifying and assessing the hazards to control risks to prevent accident, occupational illness and environmental pollution from its work activities and finding the best solution to promote the HSE awareness for all employees, clients, service partners and all general public. 
  4. Voluntary Participation and Practice in HSE

    We are ensuring voluntary workers participation and practice in HSE activities to minimize the potential hazard. 

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