Energy & Resources

Integrate your real estate services across every energy and resources market globally.



We help energy companies identify opportunities to reduce cost, monetize assets, manage risks, improve safety and efficiency in facilities and support evolving real estate needs. From field service facilities and employee housing in the most remote locations, to office leasing in the densest metropolitan areas, our team offers support and assists with your growth and stabilization strategies in every geography.

Our professionals help the largest petroleum and power companies navigate the ever-changing energy landscape and explore untapped opportunities within their real estate portfolios. By simplifying and streamlining operations, our experts deliver innovative strategies that reduce costs, reduce risk, and increase productivity without compromising safety.

Portfolio Solutions

CBRE strategically supports energy companies as their commercial real estate needs evolve through industry expansion and contraction. With the recent downturn in oil prices, we develop strategies that reduce cost, monetize assets, manage risks, and improve efficiency across real estate portfolios. Learn More

Facilities Management

CBRE provides integrated facilities management within a globally consistent, auditable and safety-conscious operating model. We maintain best-in-class TRIR and LTIR safety metrics and ensure clients can maximize the output of their mission-critical sites without compromising performance or worker well-being. Learn More

Integrated Outsourcing Solutions 

Our expertise is amassed through partnering with top technology, media and telecom companies around the globe, and thousands of hours of technical execution. We can deliver integrated facility management, project management, and workplace solutions for a rapidly changing and globally connected industry landscape. Learn More

Project & Program Management

CBRE delivers projects seamlessly with an integrated team that manages everything from schedules and budgets to the entire construction process. Learn More