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With integrated solutions, unique insight, and unmatched experience, we deliver successful outcomes for retailers, restaurateurs, investors, owners and developers.


Client Success Stories

  1. Gwangkyo Alleyway


    CBRE contributed to the creation of a variety of commercial facilities by providing comprehensive services including MD plans and leasing advisory to the Gwangkyo Alleyway developer.

    In particular, CBRE focused on attracting unique and family-friendly brands that represented the spirit of the Alleyway.
  2. Seoullo Terrace


    CBRE worked closely with Daewoo Foundation from the early stages of the review to link its second floor to Seoullo 7017.

    CBRE was able to complete this project by providing holistic services to transform office space into a dynamic retail destination. In addition, CBRE successfully leased 100 percent of the space on time to a mix of international and local tenants.
  3. Amore Pacific


    CBRE contributed to making creation of Amore Pacific's new HQ building a complex cultural space through employing differentiated retail strategies.

    CBRE selected a variety of unique brands in major retail markets across the country to create a sophisticated and cultural retail space, not only for Amore Pacific, but also for residents and office workers in the areas.

Track Records

  • Global Sportswear Brand

    Project Occupier Lease
    Location Myeong-dong, Gangnam, Hongade, Cheongdam
    Size 6,404 sq. m.
    Year 2021

  • Gucci

    Project Occupier Lease
    Location Hannam-dong
    Size 1,278 sq. m.
    Year 2021

  • Tesla

    Project Occupier Lease
    Location Yeouido IFC
    Size 1,340 sq. m.
    Year 2022

  • Dyson

    Project Occupier Lease
    Location IFC, Hannam, Starfiled Hanam
    Size 764 sq. m.
    Year 2021

  • Gentle Monster

    Project Occupier Lease, Acquisition Advisory
    Location Dosan Park, Gapyeong, London
    Size 21,449 sq. m.
    Year 2021

  • Samsung C&T

    Project Occupier Lease
    Location Garosu-gil
    Size 324 sq. m.
    Year 2021

  • Knotted

    Project Occupier Lease
    Location Yeouido IFC
    Size 192 sq. m.
    Year 2022

  • Kakao

    Project A&T Master Lease, MD Consulting
    Location Pangyo Alphadom 6-1BL
    Size 36,010 sq. m.
    Year 2021

  • Aesop

    Project Occupier Lease
    Location Hannam-dong, Garosul-gil
    Size 386 sq. m.
    Year 2021

  • French Luxury Brand

    Project Retail Consulting
    Location Jeju Island
    Size -N/A
    Year 2021

  • Bentley

    Project Occupier Lease
    Location Cheongdam-dong
    Size 1,020.6 sq. m.
    Year 2022

  • Genesis

    Project Occupier Lease
    Location WESTFIELD, U.K.
    Size 900 sq. m.
    Year 2019

  • Arket

    Project Occupier Lease
    Location Garosul-gil
    Size 1,107 sq. m.
    Year 2020

  • Louis Vuitton

    Project Occupier Lease
    Location Hannam, Jongro etc
    Size 4,044 sq. m.
    Year 2021

  • Aldo Group

    Project Brand Partnership
    Location Korea
    Size -N/A
    Year 2022

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