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2023 Korea Office Occupier Sentiment Survey

November 30, 2023 20 Minute Read

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CBRE’s 2023 Office Occupier Sentiment Survey found that more than 40% of companies worldwide are seeking to increase the rate of employees working from the office. Office utilisation among Korean-based respondents was the highest among major countries around the world.
61% of respondents stated that they plan to expand their office space over the next three years, with approximately 10% stating that they plan to expand their floor area by more than 30%, indicating a change in strategy.
Occupiers are displaying stronger demand for green buildings with 64% of respondents saying they would lease more green office space. Occupiers said that providing data relating to energy use and waste treatment is the most desirable feature of green leases.
Although about half of the respondents are currently using fixed seats, 90% of respondents are expected to expand the adoption of flexible seating, including activity-based working seating arrangements, by 2025.